We offer Bodywork as a way to reconnect to our body & essence.

A sensual massage ritual or bodywork session can open up completely new spaces of experience in your sexuality. You are invited to surrender to your sensations and discover and develop your own sexual experience. Our range of events and workshops in the field of bodywork allows you to determine how deep you want to dive into the world of touch and connection.

Next Events:

Sexological Bodywork Training 2025

Change your way of experiencing intimacy, radically. 

Sexological Bodywork supports people in discovering and expanding their sexual potential on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. Get the opportunity to refine your body awareness, intensify your somatic sensations, and deepen your relationship to your sexual self

Date: 15. January – 30. June 2025
Price: from R17’100 – Read more…


AmoRitmo Cape Town

“AmoRitmo” is more than a dance event; it is the opportunity to open hearts and celebrate being human.

The focus is on a playful, exploratory and curious atmosphere that is supported by respect and personal responsibility. Our presence and sensuality lead us through an evening of resonance.

Regardless of whether you are experienced or not, “AmoRitmo” welcomes everyone to embark on this journey of all the senses. Coming soon…

Our workshops are for you if you wish to:

  • embody your own eroticism more fully
  • create deeper connection in your intimate encounters
  • feel more empowered in your sexual experiences
  • deepen your awareness & understanding of your desires
  • learn to ask for what you want
  • learn to honour your boundaries
  • feel more deeply at home and rooted in your body
  • experience more pleasure, aliveness and freedom
  • further develop your erotic skills
  • integrate this authentic way of being into everyday