It’s time sex had a rebrand.

To learn sensuality and sexuality is the same as learning another skill – the only difference is that it’s likely no-one ever taught you pleasure. It’s not too late to learn. We guide you through the first steps and introduce you to the rich world of sensual and consensual touch and connection, so that you can rest deeper into your sexuality solo and with others.

Our Vision

Our vision is a space where people come to have those 2am whispered chats in broad daylight, where naked is the new “normal”, where song circles are the order of the day, where people learn to rest peacefully and gracefully into their own bodies, where F.E.A.R transmutes from “Fuck Everything And Run” into “Feel Everything And Rise”, where food is so clean and fresh that the word “organic” becomes obsolete, where magic and mooncups are as mainstream as money, where people leave dripping in their own pearls of wisdom.

Our Core Values

Inclusivity. We welcome and invite everyone and everything that wants to be there. Nothing hidden, nothing unspoken. Bring it all and lay it on the table between us. An inclusive space is an intimate space.

Integrity. Choosing courage over comfort. Practicing our values rather than simply professing them. Letting the elephant out of the room to create space for trust. Transparency & speaking our truth is sexy!

Sovereignty. You are responsible for your life. You are the designer of how you show up in the world. Step by step we learn to embody that authority and autonomy in all aspects of our lives. What life do you choose to create?

Community. When we gather together, we create a strong field for transformation. A collective container for profound insights and new ways of being. We hold, guide, mirror and support each other through the process. Together we stand.

Playfulness. We bring fun and lightness to a topic that can sometimes get heavy. We create the space to explore and not take life/love too seriously. We approach each moment with presence and curiosity. As pure pleasure instruments, how can we experience this life?

Freedom. What we teach brings freedom to humanity. Once we see the boxes we are living in, we then have the choice to step out. To know what YOU want, to follow it, and to free yourself from the shackles of conditioning and limitations, is a powerful gift. What is your flavour of freedom?

Our Team

Simon Heller

Certified Sexological Bodyworker & Somatic Sex Educator

Simon loves to guide people to their full potential.
“When I start a workshop and meet all the participants, I love the energy in the space. And when I see the relaxed and glowing faces after the workshop, that gives me goosebumps every time.”

Introduced to the world of Bodywork in 2014, Simon participated in a 4-day intensive Tantric workshop in Switzerland, which completely changed his life.

He went on to study Somatic Sexology at the International School of Sexological Bodywork in Zürich, learning how to guide people into their sexuality and beyond. After finishing a Teacher degree (facilitator training), he began hosting his own Tantra and Bodywork workshops and is now bringing these teachings to South Africa and the world.

Simon loves deep conversations and real connection to people. He loves to learn, is curious about everything around sexuality and relating and is not afraid of making mistakes for “this is how we learn”.

Simon also offers Online Courses in how to reconnect with yourself through body-based exercises and methods from Sexological Bodywork, in a 60-day guided journey. He also hosts a Podcast about Bodywork.

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Kate Gardy

Creatrix & curious questioner of the human experience

Kate is a traveller of inner and outer worlds. She did some archaeological digging on herself and discovered a deep intrigue with the worlds of sexuality & relating. She speaks bits of 5 languages and is learning two new ones: Swiss German and transparent communication.

She lives for strong hugs, synchronicity, singing in wide open spaces, basking naked in the sunshine, slow days with family, the golden hour, the golden ratio, drinking the moon and the moment, vulnerability, biodiversity, community, cumulus clouds, conversations with strangers, puns and paradox, middle eastern mezze, the etymology of words, bodily curves, and cinnamon.

Kate holds space for the courageous, she catalyses connection, she creates conversations that matter, she sips on sovereign sexuality and wallows in women’s womb wonders and wisdom. Leading you on a quest to find your place in the world, she works with people at the crossroads of their own embodied humanity and the wider web of life.

She feels that all we need for a revolution is a few more self-love sessions, and to hold hands more often.